We will be out of town for a couple of months and expect to be back before the end of July.

If your furniture repair is something that can wait, we would love to work with you then. You're always welcome to email. We will be checking the mail intermittently.

Either way, we sincerely appreciate your call to us and wish you the very best in all things.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Just the FAQs

If you don’t see your answer here, in our growing FAQs page, simply contact us and let us know how we can help.

Services - General FAQs

Can You Fix the Frame or Springs on My Couch or Sectional?

We do the frames of smaller chairs. We no longer fix the frames and springs of large couches or sectionals. This will change in the very near future. (We’ll update this page).

However, we do know a gentleman that is currently doing that work in the Tampa Bay / Pinellas County areas.

Contact us and we’ll pass on his contact information.

Couch Frame Types
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FAQs furniture assembly

We don’t do assembly or disassembly as a general rule.

If something has fallen apart, then there’s a good chance we can fix it. Fire off some pictures when you contact us and let’s see how we can help you.

As far as assembling out-of-the-box furniture, there are some assembly professionals on both Yelp and Amazon local services. Happy hunting. ?

Anything else we can help you with or just have questions? Contact Us!

Sure, we can if you’re in our service area, we do come to your location. We are a mobile service and do almost all repairs on-site.

Because we’re mobile, we don’t have a shop. Even so, there are a few things we can here – like dining room chairs, that need to be super sturdy.

So, for the most part, what we can repair, we do it at your place. (No dragging heavy furniture to a shop – just sit back with your feet up and your hand on a favorite beverage while we do the work.)

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We don’t sell parts because we aren’t set up tax-wise to sell parts.

We only include them in the repair service, itself. Our estimates, when we can give them, include the part whenever possible.

If you just need a part, there are so many, you’ll have to do just what we do – dig in and search… then search some more… Then, in gritty determination, search one more time down every trail.

Sigh… that’s the only way it’s done.

Typically, no. Wicker and caning require specialized skills to repair.

That said, if the problem is simply cosmetic or on a different part of the furniture, then feel free to email a picture to us.

We can usually tell you right away whether we can help or not.

Is there a service charge?

Economics Definition

Yes. Just like all mobile service businesses, we have to. It’s simply a fact of life.*

Our Service/Inspection Charge is $75.

That covers the trip to you, as well as the time, labor, and expertise needed to inspect.

The technician will tell you, after inspecting the furniture, what the diagnosis is.

If, for some reason, he is not able to repair the furniture during that appointment, and can only do an inspection, unless otherwise advised prior to the actual inspection, you will only owe the minimum amount of $75.

(If you have received an estimate from us ahead of time in writing, we will have already factored that minimum cost in and it won’t be added on.)

*Just some of the costs for a small business today – even one that keeps its belt tightened: Advertising (a significant expense), Truck Expenses, Bank Charges, Licenses, Accounting Fees, Taxes, Dues & Subscriptions, Insurances (3 kinds), Marketing, Payroll – Technicians and Office Staff, Website Maintenance, etc.

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The short answer, if we can’t, we know someone that can.

The issue can be any one of the following:

  • padding
  • cushions
  • springs
  • webbing
  • structure

How do you know which one?

If it happened over a period of time, it would be the padding or cushions.

If it happened all at once or relatively quickly, it will be the springs, webbing, or structure. If this happened quickly with a recliner, then it also might be something in the mechanism. We can inspect and let you know for sure.

Recliner FAQs

No. The innards are just too different.

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As far as converting your recliner into an electric?

No. If we could, it might not be worth it to you anyway. Every single part other than the frame would need to be purchased on the aftermarket and installed into a framework that may not fit.

Perhaps chair shopping is in your future?

No. If we could, it wouldn’t be worth it to you anyway. Every single part other than the frame would need to be purchased on the aftermarket and installed into a framework that may not fit. The back engineering challenges are way too massive and you’d be able to buy several chairs by the time you were done.

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Category: Recliner FAQs

“Do you carry parts?” usually means “Can you fix it the first time you come out?”

Most of the time, we can. We keep almost all the standard parts in stock and ready to go. That said, recliners are made in numerous countries by even more numerous manufacturers.

Some manufacturers use proprietary parts which, unfortunately, only come from the manufacturer themselves. The ones that limit access to their parts are mostly the Big Names in recliners. (You know who you are.)

Fortunately, there are many more manufacturers that use the more ubiquitous parts. (With those, we can waltz in, diagnose and happily fix on the spot!)

Even with the recliners that need special parts, primarily electrical, we can often get you going up and down with a standard part until your special one comes in.

Category: Recliner FAQs

Yes. We typically can repair both manual and electric recliners.

You are right on the parts. Some of the parts are different – for example, in some manual models, the cables are longer. So we carry those cables, too.

Category: Recliner FAQs

Leather Upholstery FAQs

This is an example of one we can’t fix. Two main reasons, peeling bonded leather and is on a seat back.

Sometimes! It just depends on where that cut or tear is and how long it is. We’ll need pictures, of course.

When a cut is near the bottom or on the back or side, there’s a good chance that we can take care of it.

Please take an overall picture of the furniture – that way we can see the size of the problem in relation to the whole. Then please take several fairly close to the tear. We need to see the quality of the leather as well as the cut or tear, itself.

Definitely contact us and send pictures!

FAQs bonded leather peeling

First, let’s make sure it really is faux leather. It might be real leather which we can repair.

Here’s how to see if it is bonded leather: If you see cloth weave where the leather was, like the picture to the right, that’s bonded leather.

Once bonded leather starts peeling, we can’t save it.

If you just see peeling, however, and don’t see cloth underneath it, by all means, contact us and send pictures.

Let’s get you fixed up!

Maybe. It depends on where and how bad.

If stuffing is hanging out, then the answer is no.

If it’s only a little on a corner or very low on the bottom somewhere then possibly, yes.

The way to know is to tell us about it and send pictures. We’ll let you know if we can fix it and can almost always give you an estimate if so.

Fabric-Upholstery FAQs

FAQs torn cloth upholstery

Not in cloth. You’ll need an upholsterer or someone who specializes in upholstery repair. Ripped cloth upholstery is not something we can fix for you.

If you use one of the better search engines and go by reviews, you should be able to find a good one near you.

Here’s the Google search for upholsterers near me. Here’s the Microsoft/Bing search for upholsterers near me.

Is there something else we can help with? Contact us!

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