Recliner and Lift-Chair Repair

We'll fix your recliner.

(We also fix lift chairs. You can find lift chair repair info here.)

That Uh-Oh Moment When You Discover…

Your favorite show is coming on. You rush to your beloved reclining chair, triumphantly set your favorite snack on the end table, and… a catastrophe happens…

You’re stuck with your legs up in the air and a sinking in your belly. Or worse – you can’t put your legs up and now, you just can’t get comfortable.

You need recliner chair repair – pronto.

Perhaps, it is one of these problems?

  • The cable came off in your hand.
  • There’s no power going to it.
  • Or the handle broke.
  • Or the switch did nothing (even though you tried it another 10 times to be sure).
  • Or maybe you hear a terrible grinding noise.
  • Or there’s an annoyingly loud squeak.
  • Or the recliner feels like it’s going to flip you over backward.
  • Or your derriere is sinking… sinking…
  • Or that recliner arm might just fall off with one false move
  • Or… (drum roll, please)… you realize that the room is not really crooked, the recliner is actually lower on one side.
Sofa Recliner is Stuck Up

Or one of a hundred other things in recliner repair (or lift chair) repair that we’ve probably seen.

Take heart because we’ll rescue you. Whether it’s a chair or a sofa, whether electric or manually opened, if we can get the part, we can fix it. 

Since we have most of the common parts with us on the truck at all times – cables, switches, cords, even a couple of motors – we can usually repair it on the first appointment.

We’ll get there just as quickly as we possibly can.

Electrically Powered Recliner Repair

The vast variety of switches, transformers, motors or cords would surprise you. Electric recliners are made in many countries utilizing parts made in just as many countries (or more).

Fortunately, there is enough commonality that we carry many varieties in stock and can sometimes interchange parts. Depending on your model and style, we may even carry the replacement motor you need.

We work on all major brands, both powered and not:  Powell, Simmons, Catnapper, Barcalounger, Best Master, Natuzzi, and more.

Structural or Mechanism

We can tackle those.

A new cable saves the day. Let the foot rest rise!
What’s inside of a common recliner

In most cases, we can repair the mechanism, the cable or the structural integrity. If we can’t fix the mechanism or cable, motor or switch, we can install its replacement.

Many reclining mechanisms, made domestically, are guaranteed for the life of the furniture. If you have the sales receipt, you may only have to pay a shipping charge and the labor to install it.

Loose arms often come from repeated pressure when you’re getting up from the chair. (Although sometimes, an energetic grandkid is the culprit.)

If it’s the wooden frame that’s broken or creaking, we can rebuild that.  It could be that the springs have sprung and need to be reattached.

We’ve been fixing recliners for nearly a decade for several warranty companies. 🙂 We’ve worked on sectionals, electric recliners, mechanical recliners, chair, and sofa recliners… you name it! 

You can relax now. You’ve found your go-to recliner repairman.

Why Choose Us?

  • We bring 40 years of experience and technologies to your furniture repair or cleaning.
  • We’re family owned and operated – and a bit old-fashioned when it comes to values.
  • We service the west coast of Florida as far south as Bradenton. We go north and east through Tampa and serve all of Pinellas County.
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