We will be out of town for a couple of months and expect to be back before the end of July.

If your furniture repair is something that can wait, we would love to work with you then. You're always welcome to email. We will be checking the mail intermittently.

Either way, we sincerely appreciate your call to us and wish you the very best in all things.

Recent Work

Have a quick look at some recent repairs:

Wood - Leather - Fabric

Broken Picture Frame Repair

Metallic Painted Wooden Frame Repaired

This broken picture frame was damaged in shipping. They didn’t even get a chance to hang it! Two of the sides needed repairing. Not only was the picture frame crushed, the wood was splintered, as well. Metallic finishes are a completely different animal! Because it’s a wooden frame with a metallic finish, this repair had to be handled quite … Read more