Fabric Furniture Cleaning

Buy One, Get One 25% off Cloth and Microfiber Furniture Cleaning

25 percent off the cost of Fabric and Microfiber Furniture Cleaning* *no limit to discounted pieces after full priced one Freshen Up Your Fabric Furniture How long has it been since your furniture had a good, thorough cleaning?  (The EPA recommends that it be cleaned twice a year for optimum health.)  Got Spots? We’ll happily give your furniture … Read more

We’ll Clean and Brighten Your Fabric Upholstery

Cat and cat dander on a green couch

You know how it is. The Dreaded Spill happens to everybody sooner or later. Or did it happen this way? One uncomfortable moment you notice your furniture looks kind of dingy. So you trot out your trusty vacuum and have at it. But you still need fabric furniture cleaning…