Our Services

Fast, Reliable Lift Chair Repair

Having your lift chair repaired right away is critical when you need it. We’ll give you the very next available appointment in your area, even if we have to work late to do it! What on earth do you do when your chair gives out? Call us. We’ll get there just as quickly as we … Read more

Dining Room Chair Repair and Touch-Up

Boy on a dining chair

“…they indicated to me that they were EXTREMELY pleased with your technician’s work—in their words, they called him a true artist!I wanted to say a BIG thank you to you and your team…the …’s are sensitive clients of ours that are in the midst of a very traumatic experience of having a fire in their … Read more

Recliner and Lift-Chair Repair

That Uh-Oh Moment… It Happens… The cable comes off in your hand. The handle breaks. The switch does nothing. And there you are, with your legs up in the air and a sinking in your belly. You need recliner repair just as fast as we can get there.

We’ll Clean and Brighten Your Fabric Upholstery

Cat and cat dander on a green couch

You know how it is. The Dreaded Spill happens to everybody sooner or later. Or did it happen this way? One uncomfortable moment you notice your furniture looks kind of dingy. So you trot out your trusty vacuum and have at it. But you still need fabric furniture cleaning…

Leather Furniture Repair and Cleaning

Not only is every stain or damage different, every piece, type, and grade of leather is different, also. Each requires it’s own customized solution. You need your furniture in the hands of an expert.