We will be out of town for a couple of months and expect to be back before the end of July.

If your furniture repair is something that can wait, we would love to work with you then. You're always welcome to email. We will be checking the mail intermittently.

Either way, we sincerely appreciate your call to us and wish you the very best in all things.

White Leather Couch Magic – We Transform Old to New

Worn leather sofa arm - needs help!

White leather furniture is particularly tricky to fix.  It’s often difficult to match the color correctly. And stains in the leather stand out much more prominently. As you can see, this worn white leather couch arm was looking cracked, old and past its prime.

Our superior furniture technician (Grant) had it looking spectacular in no time. (He has a special ability to color match!) This is the kind of work we do every day. We take pride in doing as flawless a job as possible.

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