Padding Restuffing & Furniture Frame Repair

We Come to Your Furniture

Don’t worry. You don’t have to drag that heavy furniture to a repair shop somewhere (if you can find one close enough). We’ll come to your couch, chair – or whatever furniture has the issue.

Padding Restuffing - Uncomfortable couch made comfortable

Padding Restuffing: We Fix Uncomfortable Furniture

  • Has it gotten hard? No longer conforms to your body?
  • Are your cushions sagging?
  • Considering buying new furniture because the cushions are hard?
  • Has time made your couch feel old when it is fairly young?
  • Did the seat cushions on your sofa or chair collapse or flatten over time?

Broken Legs, Springs, and Hidden Things

  • Hearing a squeak?
  • Had an abrupt falling sensation and ended up on the floor?
  • Is there something pressing against the fabric (and your body) that doesn’t belong there?
  • Did the arm of your sofa collapse?
  • Have your springs been sprung? Does it feel like a spring is broken?
  • Is your furniture sitting crooked?
This board, deep in the sofa was broken.

Frame Repair can Save $

We specialize in furniture structural repair, which costs much less than replacing the furniture.  Lots of things can cause structural damage. Kids or pets jumping on the sofa, moving it around, or sometimes, it’s just general wear and tear over time.

There are several ways to fix it and we’ll determine what’s needed. Couch or loveseat frame repair often involves a much different process than repairing the frame of a chair.  Sometimes the problem is loose joints, and sometimes it was the material that was used to build the furniture in the first place that causes the problem.

A broken spring clip on this couch was fixed.

Often, it can be that the joints on the frame weren’t quite perfect when it was built, so therefore, eventually, it becomes strained.  (Just like in your body, when one joint isn’t perfectly aligned, the rest can become misaligned. )

We can reinforce the undercarriage, or if the problem is joint-related, we’ll shore up all of them if needed, to protect you from future damage.

Give us a call today and let our experience save your furniture with expert furniture structural or frame repair.

Why Choose Us?

  • We bring 40 years of experience and technologies to your furniture repair or cleaning.
  • We’re family owned and operated – and a bit old-fashioned when it comes to values.
  • We service the west coast of Florida as far south as Bradenton. We go north and east through Tampa and serve all of Pinellas County.
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