Wood Repair and Restoration

Dining Room Chair Repair and Touch-Up

Boy on a dining chair

“…they indicated to me that they were EXTREMELY pleased with your technician’s work—in their words, they called him a true artist!I wanted to say a BIG thank you to you and your team…the …’s are sensitive clients of ours that are in the midst of a very traumatic experience of having a fire in their … Read more

Damaged Table Edge

Damaged edge on a black painted table

This black, painted table had issues almost all the way around. Grant fixed the finish right back up.

Ruined Wood Trim Saved

The trim broke off the bottom of this cabinet. The owner was ecstatic that we could save it and bring it back to glory.

Corner Chipped Off White Dresser Repaired

The break on the bottom of this wood dresser repaired.

Yet another example of moving damage on this white painted pressboard dresser. Chipboard is not easy to fix. It’s important to repair it right away, too, because it absorbs moisture from the air. Then you’ve got a puffed up mess…

Renters Can Be Hard on Furniture

Renters made a mess of the wood on this bunk bed.

Even in a beautiful resort town like Destin Fl, kids will still be kids and scratches can be a problem after a while. Enter the Master technician to see what I could do to help. I filled the deep scratches with matching pigment that fills the wood and hides the scratches. Next comes the matching toner and … Read more

Gouged Bunkbed Railing

Gouged bunk bed moving damage

Movers do the best they can but sometimes STUFF HAPPENS! This moving damage was a challenge because of a deep gouge and other scratches in the front of this bed.

Scraped Edge on Drawer for Socks Fixed

This sock drawer got banged up from rings.

After a while, on a daily used drawer, the finish will scrape off or wear off. It’s common even in the best of families. The kids are the most common culprits so blame it on the kids if you’d like.