Leather Repair & Cleaning

Leather Furniture Repair and Cleaning

Not only is every stain or damage different, every piece, type, and grade of leather is different, also. Each requires it’s own customized solution. You need your furniture in the hands of an expert.

Dealing with Dog Damage and Leather Furniture

Dog Scratches on Leather Sofa Repaired

Those scratches from your dog… You shudder… “Can I save dog scratches on leather or do I have to buy a new one?” The answer is that generally, we can. Come see what we’ve done for others!

A Defective Leather Finish Repair

Defective Leather Finish Fixed

Do you have one panel on your leather furniture that just doesn’t look right? The factory may be at fault. However, it can be fixed – here’s an example.

Errant Paint on a Brown Leather Chair

New paint and Mom's attempt to remove it. The white paint didn't come with the sofa!

A kid’s paint on a brown leather chair and Mom is NOT happy. You can see her attempt to remove it! The arm looks great after removing the unwanted pigment and airbrushing the correct colors over the area. Of course, we always apply sealer and protection cream, as well.

Flea Control Medicine Damage on Leather Couch

Flea medicine damage on a leather couch

If you use flea control medicine products on your cats or dogs, it can damage your couch. Whether your furniture is leather or fabric, avoid the nightmare this unfortunate woman had.