We will be out of town for a couple of months and expect to be back before the end of July.

If your furniture repair is something that can wait, we would love to work with you then. You're always welcome to email. We will be checking the mail intermittently.

Either way, we sincerely appreciate your call to us and wish you the very best in all things.

Dealing with Dog Damage and Leather Furniture

Dog Scratches on Leather Sofa Repaired

We love our dogs but sometimes they can damage our furniture.  All is not lost, often we can repair the dog scratches on the leather upholstery.

Keeping the nails clipped is just one of the many things that need to be done and sometimes gets put off especially when the dog doesn’t like it. The results can be seen here, as the dog would jump off the sofa and take some finish off as he flew forth to defend his pack of humans.

After cleaning off the doggy dirt from his favorite seat, I filled the scratches with a flexible compound, created a matching pigment and airbrushed that over the filled area. The results are evident, and the brave pooch’s humans are happy again.