How We’re Handling Covid-19 Concerns


This new normal is quite messy, isn’t it?

Thank goodness it’s temporary! We’re still working however if you just want an estimate for right now, that’s fine, too.

Grant wears a mask and disinfects his hands (etc.) before and after every appointment.  He has a little pocket disinfectant as well as a big spray bottle of it. 

Feeling less friendly and personal is difficult for all of us. There’s a satisfaction in a handshake that words can’t replace. Nonetheless, we have to be strict about physical distancing. So we do ask people to make adjustments, if needed, to accommodate that.

For example, because Grant calls when he is on the way, people who already know us are comfortable leaving one door unlocked about the time he’ll get there. Grant can open the door, holler that he’s there, and then be told to come in without getting up close and personal in a small hallway. 

For people that don’t know us that well, fortunately, the quality of our reviews has helped tremendously in the trust factor. There are plenty of ways to keep us both safe – just let us know the best way in your house.

When we all work together carefully and intelligently, we can beat this trouble just like we have always, collectively, gotten through everything else.