Collapsed Chair Armrest Repaired and Ready

Its not new, but this isn't right. That sinking feeling when you use your elbow to push yourself up.

Has your furniture armrest fallen in like this collapsed chair armrest?  You may be shocked to know that in the armrests of most sofas and chairs, the all-important support to the padding is typically made from cardboard.

The cardboard has cracked!
Most living room furniture uses cardboard to support your arm.

Say what?!!!  Why?

Are they just being cheap?

Not really. There are some valid reasons for using a flexible product such as cardboard.  It makes The flexibility of a medium like cardboard makes it possible to create a nice curved form. Cardboard also gives a slightly resilient feel to the padding above it.  The problems come when the pressure of an arm or elbow presses on a weak area and breaks through the cardboard.

That’s the primary reason that the arm on your sofa or chair goes concave. The stuffing falls through to the bottom, through the breakage, and suddenly, the whole armrest support is down to the framework.

Can It Be Fixed?

The good news is that it usually can be repaired. By using a solid piece of wood that attached behind the cardboard, we can fix it.  Although it will be a little firmer, it will not collapse again.

A collapsed armrest can be repaired and restuffed for a fraction of the cost of new furniture.  Also, anytime you buy new furniture, you making an uncomfortable bet that today’s furniture will be of equal quality to your old one.

Pine doesn't flex but it won't collapse either.
Filling the void with solid support.. Pine doesn't flex but it won't collapse either.

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